A better portrait for a better future

Fifteen years ago, after experimenting many fields in photography, I realized that my actual passion is the interaction with human beings, while shooting their portrait. Whether in studio, capturing headshots to give my clients the best possible image for their communication, or in the streets, hunting these faces that tell the story of a well-lived life, I cannot imagine nowadays anything more appealing than creating a portrait.

Over the past decade, I was fortunate to learn from, and work with the best portrait photographers in the world, integrating these learnings into my own practice and style. Thanks to their guidance, I trust that I can display the person’s character and emotion while creating their portrait, rather than taking a simple snapshot.

My work was recognized with a couple of international awards, including the British Royal Photographic Society Photographer of the Year (2008), Al Thani International Photography Award (2011) and Better Moments Photography of the Year (2017). This recognition gives me the energy to keep learning, practicing and improving my photography.

Sebastiao Salgado said “If you take a picture of a human that does not make him noble, there is no reason to take the picture. This is my way of seeing things”.

This is my way too. Contact me for a memorable portrait session.

Bernard Menettrier de Jollin, portrait by Steve McCurry
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